What does your
soul want for you?

Let’s take a few deep breaths, step back and create the space to assess what matters.

Hi, I’m Laura Green,


You’ve come to the right place if something’s not quite flowing the way you expected it to in your personal life or your business.
You may feel stuck with

  • all the things you think you ‘should’ be doing
  • getting out of the inertia of your status quo
  • the weight of people’s expectations and needs
  • comparing yourself to others and feeling like you’re falling short
  • how to perform so many roles in life and in business
  • feeling like you have to be the perfect wife, friend, daughter, worker and boss
  • the legal/technical aspects of running your business

I work with ambitious people like you, who know there is way more to life than their current reality. You don’t have to settle for a life that doesn’t truly excite you or doesn’t feel easeful and fulfilling.

I’m here for you and you don’t have to do this alone.

Would you call yourself a work-a-holic?

I know first hand what it is like to let your work totally take over your life; both through a corporate job and my own business.

I also know the consequences.

I spent over 15 years working in senior leadership and management roles and running my own successful consulting business. I coached and mentored CEOs and boards of directors in billion dollar corporations. It was here I learned so much of what I support my business clients with today, gaining a wealth of knowledge across business strategy, finance, HR and marketing.

While it was a fantastic learning experience, it was unfortunately a toxic environment which operated on a culture of kill or be killed. I know what it’s like to work crazy hours, under intense pressure and have every aspect of my life neurotically planned out. I know how it feels to convince myself that the constant grinding, stress and insomnia is normal and what life is supposed to look and feel like.

I know you could be thinking you’re doing fine. That you’re doing all the things you’re meant to be doing. Or you could be really struggling, numbing out every night and drowning yourself in coffee every morning to wake up.

I remember thinking I was making it all work. Until the wheels fell off…

I woke up and I couldn’t move.


It was terrifying. I remember thinking at the time that it was strange – there was no lead up to it. I went to bed one night feeling absolutely fine, woke up the next day and couldn’t walk. Pretty extreme wake up call huh? But the fact is I ignored MANY early warning signs before I physically and emotionally burnt out. Turns out I had stage 4 adrenal fatigue – where the adrenals are so exhausted they are unable to adapt to stress. On two different occasions, I had to have epidurals in my spine, just so I could go into recovery and complete the rehab.

It put my life into perspective. It made me realise that my lifestyle was not sustainable or healthy for me. So I let go of a substantial pay cheque each week and closed up my consulting business.


Since going on my own wellness journey, I can now look back and see the warning signs

  • Every time I took a holiday or break from work, I would fall very ill with things like the flus, colds and migraines.
  • I was ALWAYS thinking about work, which made me wired and unable to relax.
  • I needed coffee to get going in the morning and throughout the day.
  • I wasn’t losing weight despite super consistent dieting and regular exercise.
  • I had menstrual cycles that started and stopped irregularly.

Do you have your own warning signs you’re ignoring?

No drastic measures Required

Now I’m not saying you need to quit your job or close up your business and rest for 2 months or go do a silent retreat. My goal is to help you BEFORE your stress levels, business or life implodes like mine did. I’m passionate about no other person having to go through what I went through. I work side-by-side with women and men who need practical, sustainable, life-friendly, busy-proof options to get their self-care, career or business back on track.

Since I made my own changes, I’ve still been able to do everything I did before, but in a healthier and more holistic way. I’ve discovered how to strike the right work-life balance, healed my burnout and feel happier. I would love to show you too.

What to expect
working with me


I’m never going to tell you what you want to hear, rather what you need to hear (in a kind and loving way). I want to see you succeed, grow and flourish into a confident person.


I love what I do and I truly care for the people that I’m working with. I’m not running a business to just take people’s money. I want to be the support system I never had when I was barrelling towards burn out.

Tried and Tested Solutions

Take back control of your schedule. I’ll introduce the systems, tools and practices you need to create a life you love.


I will always try to put myself in your shoes to understand what your particular problem is and how you are feeling emotionally. Often, I have lived through similar life experiences, so I am able to provide practical yet caring guidance.

Wisdom & Experience

I’m there to impart my wisdom to my clients; wisdom that I’ve earned and learned over the years that I want to call upon.

Problem Solving

Think of me as your personal problem-solver! Whether we’re talking about your business or life, I’ll look under the hood of the car and do what is needed to save you time, money and remove your overwhelm.

Fun Facts
About Me

I love to cook! So much so that I studied nutrition and had my own healthy meal service business.

I always try to tell my dogs telepathically that it’s ok to speak English to me in the hope we’ll form a special bond

There is no sunrise so beautiful that it’s worth waking me up to see it.

I’m happiest in the water or covered in my pets but I’m deathly afraid of spiders, clowns and horses.

I write with my right hand, but I’m left handed with everything else.

Hear from some of my clients

“I guarantee you she will make you feel special, challenged, empowered and nurtured all at once and this to me is incredibly life changing!!!

Before working with Loll I suffered low esteem and confidence. My self talk was not healthy and it was affecting many parts of my life from my relationships to my work life.

I was nervous before signing up. I had never spoken to a professional before about personal matters and I was worried about being vulnerable, open and honest. But I can honestly say as soon as I started talking to Loll, any worries I may have had dissipated with the first 5 minutes.

What I truly appreciated the most was her honest feedback. Loll has a great way of letting you see your truth by the questions she asks. Loll has made a real impact in helping me with my low self esteem and negative self talk. I am now able to use tools to turn these negative emotions around and I credit this to her. She has helped me enormously with my business by seeing there is a way of navigating many channels.

Anyone who is lucky enough to get to work with this lady will be eternally blessed and I mean that in a very earnest way.”

— Nikki

“Loll helped me face some uncomfortable situations I needed to address in my business with confidence.

Before working with Loll, I had just been told that my only employee was leaving and I was faced with working out how I was going to clean 19 client’s homes. I was physically and mentally exhausted. I had reached a point in my business where I was stuck and didn’t know how to move forward. I was feeling totally overwhelmed, uninspired and lacking any sense of direction.

We had hit a wall with where to go. Working with Loll took us back to basics and we can now build our future from that. Our mindset has definitely changed and I feel that my business partner and I are a team which has happened with Loll’s help! We have now worked out a way where we can free up a day to work together on the business and made changes to our client structure. We have both been employed our entire lives and have never run a business before. We have managed to work a lot of things out but it takes time and we have made mistakes along the way. I think a business coach like Loll takes the guess work-out of that. To have someone by your side helping you to plan, make decisions and grow your business will take a lot of the pain and wasted time away, allowing you to focus on what it is you really love.”

— Tom Watson, Business Coaching Client

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Want to get results like Nikki and Tom?

Click on the scenario which best describes you below

Corporate WOMAN

You’re ambitious and high functioning but put intense pressure on yourself.

Even though you’re kicking goals in your career, deep down inside you worry you’re not enough. You’ve felt you had to toughen yourself up to succeed in a male-dominated field, disconnecting you from your feminine wisdom. Your relationships and health have been put on the backburner for way too long.

Business WOMAN

You’re a soulful business owner in a healing or creative field.

You are incredible at what you do, but you have limited knowledge or frankly interest in all the ‘boring’ technical stuff like finances, legalities, insurances and liability issues. You don’t know what you don’t know and that idea freaks you out. You need strategic advice and to fill in your knowledge gaps to give you peace of mind.

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