Have you found your soul calling?


My soul calling! Urgh! how I spent many heartbreaking hours pondering this, I had many different business ideas from opening my own board-game cafe to going completely back to uni and retraining! Fundamentally though, I think on an intuitive level I ALWAYS knew what I wanted to

Meet Loll
I’m the founder of Soulful Rebellion and I’m a business and life coach.

I help high functioning corporate women barrelling towards burnout find balance and rise in their organisation.

I also help soulful business owners in healing and creative fields get peace of mind, knowing that the financial, legal and business foundation boxes are ticked and their butts are covered, so they can focus on doing more of what they love! Read more


One of the most common issues my clients raise is not being able to even think about what to write on their social media platforms let alone write something each day. Can you relate?

I have created an Asana board with a series of mini video trainings to support you with this struggle! You’ll learn: The power of storytelling, how to tell engaging stories, how to use the soulful story structures, how to sequence your stories, tips on optimising your soulful stories. You’ll also learn about lnow, like & trust, your power posts, soulful selling, extraordinary engagement, Soulful call to actions and special celebrations

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