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My Areas of Expertise

Self-care, stress management and better sleep

One day I woke up and literally couldn’t move. Turns out I had stage 4 adrenal fatigue after completely burning out with work. It was terrifying and I remember thinking at the time there was no lead up to it. But the truth is, there were plenty of warning signs. Our bodies show us signs when we’re approaching burnout. I’ll teach your audience how to spot these

Confident and assertive communication

Asserting yourself in business doesn’t mean being aggressive or overbearing. We sometimes feel a pressure to “kill it” in the workplace. Being hard-line and inflexible or being completely agreeable are both techniques that can lead to burnout later. I’ll teach you how to communicate in a way that lets ‘you’ shine through, so you can assert yourself without resorting to aggressive tactics.

Creating rock-solid boundaries at work

For most of us, the need to create boundaries doesn’t happen until it feels like it’s too late. We’ve spent so long agreeing, giving in and acquiescing that by the time we become overwhelmed and burnt out, creating a boundary feels impossible. I’ll teach you how to (respectfully) create boundaries in the workplace in a way that ensures mutual respect between you and your colleagues.

My Signature Speaking Topics

Soulful Rebellion & Radical Kindness: The new wave of incredible and impactful leadership

How do you create kinder, empathy driven, powerful leaders? How do you cultivate an empowered, courageous and abundant business culture?

We know that businesses thrive, when employees experience positive emotional experiences such as happiness, energy, and attachment to others; their well-being is enhanced by ensuring their stress and frustration levels are not high; and they feel fulfilled, acknowledged and gratified by their work. This is only possible when our business culture is deeply enriched by values of empathy, radical kindness, gratitude and acceptance. So why is this leadership style so lacking within our workplaces? Why do we believe that pushing and aggression means power and results? Learn the power of this incredible and impactful leadership style, the non-negotiable skills that should be part of your personal development journey and how to use them to build a thriving business culture.


Why are people so focussed on gaining the mantle of entrepreneur, and does it really live up to the hype?

The title of entrepreneur is currently king in the world of business today; it promises a glamorous world of financial freedom, four hour working weeks, and super yacht stress-free living! But, does it really live up to the hype? Learn what being a true entrepreneur involves and whether that is actually the path you desire; or are you really craving the soul shattering, life fulfilling power of Soulful Business.

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Loll’s Bio & Headshots

Loll Green is the founder of Soulful Rebellion and a business and life coach. She helps high functioning corporate women barrelling towards burnout find balance and rise in their organisation. She also helps soulful business owners in healing and creative fields get peace of mind, knowing that the financial, legal and business foundation boxes are ticked and their butts are covered, so they can focus on doing more of what they love!

Loll began her career in the corporate space, working under intense pressure. She quit her corporate job to open a consultancy. She wanted to find more work/life balance but she was still in the same high-intensity space wearing a different hat. The constant grinding, stress, and insomnia felt normal. She was working 7 days a week, 80 hours a week, and was still managing to find time for friends and family. She had her life planned down to the hour. She thought “I’m exactly what I’m supposed to be as a woman.” She was making it all work until the wheels fell off…

One day she woke up and literally couldn’t move. She couldn’t get out of bed. This was a terrifying moment and a long recovery, but it began the wellness journey that has set her on her path to this day.

Loll uses her business expertise and her insight to help others avoid the same catastrophic burnout and align their business efforts to a more rounded, holistic model.

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